Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Best Two Days

WORK : So i've been really discouraged lately because my job at calvary is ending within the next week, and I havent been able to get a new job. I've applied so many places and no one wants me. I thought everyone needed summer help? Well I guess not. Anyways, so Cindy (my Beautiful Girlfriend) told me they needed help valet-ing at her work, The Island Hotel. So I went in and talked to Nelson, Marc, and then had to get a drug test. So now im going to be doing Valet at the hotel and i'm So Stoaked!

CHURCH: So I show up to work today at calvary and I had to do a lot of stuff for tonight, Best of BARF. So after finishing the majority of my work, the college pastor came in my office and was telling me how Cindy had made 50% of her support for our missions trip to Moldova. (which was amazing because she wasn't doing so well) So after talking to him about Cindy, I asked him about my brother and myself. We looked over the papers and saw that we had raised ALL of our support!! IM GOING TO MOLDOVA!

So now i'm so stoaked and stuff is going way better for me. Im loving life and God is amazing. Trust in him , and he will provide.